Grand Canyon, Slot Canyons and More!

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As I mentioned yesterday – Monday I take off for Prince William Sound and Cordova.  Ten days later, I fly to Anchorage.  Dump my rain gear and Xtra-tuff for shorts and Tevas and fly to Arizona for a month!

Really excited about this trip.  We were able to obtain some hard to get back-country permits to hike and camp down in the Grand Canyon.  We spent one cold winter night there almost a decade ago, and ever since then I have wanted to return with the time to really explore and photograph this beautiful National Park.  Unfortunately, even months ago, reservations for campground and hotels for the North Rim were already full, so we will concentrate on the South Rim.  Didn’t think the North Rim would be the hard one for reservations.

From there, we will spend time in Page, Arizona where I plan to explore more slot canyons and other attractions in the area.  We have also rented a boat for some Lake Powell exploration.  Not a fancy house boat, but a little Lund skiff – big enough for tents and sleeping bags for some beach camping under the stars!

Finally, we will end the trip with a short visit to one of my favorite National Parks – Zion!

After that, it is back to Alaska for summer and it will be on!  The next 5 months should be very busy – just how I like it!

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  1. Hey Ron & Janine,
    Sounds like you have a fun & busy year coming up.
    I’m curious about the photographic equipment you pack when you do trips like the Grand Canyon. In addition you your photo gear you also have tent, sleeping bag, food & water.
    So, what would you estimate the weigh of your pack to be for such a trip? I suspect Janine packs a lens or two in her pack as well.
    Have a fantabulous time on your adventures!

  2. Enjoy your trips — I’d sooner go to Cordova than the Grand canyon though! I have just finished watching the Great Bear Stakeout. Filmed by BBC in Katmai NP with dozens of hidden and remote cameras some absolutely stunning bear activity. I think you would have enjoyed it! I particularly liked the views of the bears fishing from cameras under the water.

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    @ Ricard – good point – she doesn’t like heights. I think she will be fine on the trail.

    @ Nina Thanks! I’ll have to watch for that film – sounds like a good one!

    @ Bill Good question. I try to go really light. Canon 5D III and 24-105 for sure. I’ll use this tiny tripod:–and-the-rrs-bh-25 And I’ll take a few filters. I’m debating, but will probably take my 70-200.

    I really like to keep my backpack no more then 35 pounds or so. Bring minimal other gear and food.

  4. Have an awesome trip. Just keep Janine away from the sheep in Zion. We know how that can turn out.

  5. Julie and I are going to be doing the same trip in 3 weeks. We’ll be in Page, Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon. We’re also going to other areas in Arizona and parts of Colorado. Maybe we’ll run into each other. Have fun!

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  7. Wonderful image, and a spectacular trip ahead, Ron! Canyon Country is one of my favorite places on earth.

    I’ll be in Zion in early June; perhaps our paths will cross.

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