Gray Fox at Sunset

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Gray Fox near Tucson, Arizona.

Gray Fox near Tucson, Arizona.

A gray fox last night at the Desert Photo Retreat.  By the way we still have some great dates available this season if you are looking to photograph out here.

I finally have the gear I need for night photography and camera trap photography – I’m looking forward to doing much more.  It is amazing how much wildlife is here at night.

This the favorite perch for our gray fox pair (along with the hood of our car) for scouting out our camp, the water drip and bird feeders.  I know this is its favorite because it has left me some nice gifts (scat) as it marks its territory like gray foxes like to do on top of rocks.

This was a 3 flash setup.  However, this was the only frame I captured where the rim light flash behind the rock didn’t fire.  Just as well as I had that flash a little too bright.  I was hoping he would have been just 10 minutes earlier as we had a wonderful sunset.

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