Great Horned Owl Nest

Ron Niebrugge Anza-Borrego, California, Photos, Travel 4 Comments

Great Horned Owl nesting in a palm tree, Borrego Springs, California.

I was watching this nesting Great Horned Owl in 90 degree temperatures last week.  As I sit here and watch a half of foot of fresh powder snow fall from the sky this morning at my home office in Alaska, I must admit that it seems more like 6 months ago then 6 days.

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  1. Very nice, Pat! 🙂

    Did you take any special efforts here to keep the subject so nicely lit without blowing out the sky? Did the ample direct light on the subject just allow you to dial down overall exposure enough? (I was wondering if you might have used a polarizer here to keep the sky so nice, perhaps.)

  2. Very nice! I found a great horned owl nest in the Everglades a couple of years ago. I couldn’t believe how big those owls are!

  3. Post

    Thanks a lot!

    @Jon Yes, it was in the 90’s during the day!

    @Tim Good question. I waited until the last rays of sunlight dropped behind the mountains to the West at sunset. That helped to tame and soften the overall light and I was able to expose normally. It also gave me that nice sky – I didn’t use a polarizer.

    @Scott – What a treat! They are big.

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