Great Plains Nature Photographers Talk

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McPherson Opera House, McPherson, Kansas. Photo by Jim Griggs.
McPherson Opera House, McPherson, Kansas. Photo by Jim Griggs.

This is going to be really fun – I’m doing an all day talk for the Great Plains Nature Photographers group in McPherson, Kansas on Saturday November 9th, 2019! Also, we will be doing a sunset shoot at Maxwell Wildlife Refuge the evening before.

This large gathering of nature photographers has been taking place for something like 20 years. I’m proud to be included in their long list of presenters over the years. It will be fun to be speaking in such a beautiful building! Follow this link to register: Great Plains Nature Photographers. It only cost $15!

So here is one I’m planning on presenting:

Animalscapes.  This is my most popular presentation and covers combining landscape and wildlife photography.  It gets people to look at wildlife photography a bit different, and you don’t need fancy telephoto lenses, the techniques and concepts I discuss would work with a cell phone.

Alaska.  This is for people who have never been to Alaska, but have wanted to visit, or folks who have been, but are looking for something different.  I cover a lot of amazing places that might not be on everyone radar.  Many are off the beaten path, but I also talk about how to approach the more popular places like Denali National Park from a photographers perspective.

Improving Your Photography.  In this presentation, I talk about the things I consider and look for when creating a photograph.  A bit of my thought process with many examples.

Camera Trapping and Remote Photography.  This is a fast growing area of wildlife photography that has lead to the capture of some amazing and unique wildlife images.  Take a look at many contest winners in recent years and you will see a lot images captured with traps and triggers.  Again, it doesn’t take expensive telephoto gear, but a fairly modest investment of money.  I’ll touch on the gear, techniques and other considerations.

Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctica.  This is a photo journey to the Southern Oceans where I’ll talk about not only my favorites places, but will also offer travel advice.  There are some things that most people aren’t aware of that can make a big difference in a trip to this amazing region, especially for serous photographers.

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  2. We roped up on the Dana Glacier, our final one for the trip. It was a long way up to Sentinel Pass. One step in front of the other.. it never seemed to end. Finally we made it, and had lunch on the rocky pass with a new and final view: Glacier Peak. After a little route finding on the way down, we easily glissaded to Itswoot Ridge, and made camp on a curiously shaped snow bank. Why? Because it would make for a more interesting photo and experience than camping on dirt! Also, it was an excuse to use the shovel we d brought for naught. We had plenty of time, so we made this camp a palace, complete with a flagstone entry path.

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