Grizzly Bear

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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Even though I was “safely” by my vehicle, I must admit, as I watched through the view finder and saw this guy turn and head down the hill towards us, my heart started racing.  My camera tells me he was 35 meters away, but when he filled the viewfinder, it seemed closer!  I do kind of like the perspective of looking up at him from below

We just made it home after a short but wonderful trip to Denali.  This has been a good summer for me and bear photography.  It wasn’t by plan, but it has sure been fun.  Here are more Grizzly Bear photos.


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  1. Hey Ron,

    Waddaya mean, ‘summer’? 🙂

    Smokin’ image – I bet that was a thrill.

    Looks like you had a great trip, I’m keen to see what else you got.



  2. Post
  3. We all love the bears!! And you’ve gotten some awesome shots!! Carl almost became a take-out meal, just a surly bear!! Glad everyone’s o.k.

  4. Fabulous shot! Looks like s/he was smiling at you. Wonder if it was being friendly or laughing at your anxiety. Don’t think I’d wait around to find out.

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