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  2. Outstanding!! Way better to be taking pictures of bears at sunrise than drinking coffee and reading the paper! 🙂

  3. Geez Ron. That is some incredible sidelighting! How was it like shooting the bears in such low light? When we went last year I found myself cranking up the ISO pretty high later in the day just to maintain a sharp shutter speed.

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  6. I also love the paw and leg movement, and the way the outline of the bear is ragged with the light shining behind the long fur. Superb photo, Ron!

  7. Ron, how close were you to the Bear? Some flatlanders are wondering if you were getting too close.

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    Thanks again everyone!

    @ John This sow was about 25 yards away. Too close for most areas in Alaska, but this area is like Denali or Katmai – the bears really just ignore people – they are very habituated.

  9. Beautiful early morning light. Love the detail of the claws of the leading leg. Much longer,scarier claws than the black bears. Did you shoot this with the 600L and 7D? 25 yards sounds farther away than the black bear we saw at Aialik Glacier. Right? We had an incredible trip with you on your Kenai Ffordes photo tour, a perfect blend of stunning landscapes and a lot of different wildlife which you did an incredible job of spotting for us. Thanks again for such an epic trip.
    Glad the incredibly good weather we had on the Kenai trip carried on for you at Lake Clark.
    It did for us too at Denali.
    Can’t wait to see more shots!

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    Thanks Joni!

    @ Scott Yes it was.

    @ Wayne Hey, thanks a lot – that was sure a fun trip! We sure lucked out on the weather! I wish I had that weather the year before with @Scott.

    This was with the 600 on a 7D, this was further away then black bear we saw – and it wasn’t coming towards us all agitated!

    Again I sure had a great time with you and Carmen! Thanks again!

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