Grizzly wolf stand-off

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Grizzly Wolf Stand-off

This was on another visit to Denali, about a month after the chase that I wrote about yesterday.  The pups had left the den, and we could see them at a rendezvous site across the valley if we looked carefully with binoculars.  While we were watching, this very large grizzly wandered down the valley.  Three of the adult wolves walked to the top of the bank and watched very carefully – you can see two of them in this photo.  After a few minutes, the black yearling went down the bank presumably to run the bear off.  Unlike yesterday’s photo, this bear didn’t run.  In fact, he barely even looked up!  As you can see in this photo, he even has his back to the wolf as he feeds. 

At this point, I don’t think the wolf really knew what to do.  It circled a few times before being joined by its sibling.  This still didn’t have any effect on the bear, and the wolves finally gave up, went back up the bank and watched the grizzly slowly feed his way out the valley.

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    I was pretty far away. This was with a 600 and a 1.4 converter on a 20D which isn’t a full frame sensor.

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