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A bull moose takes a peak at me ealier this summer, Denali National Park, Alaska.

A bull moose takes a peak at me earlier this summer, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Friday our dedicated server was hacked – someone took down our website including my photo blog and our main photo website.  It is very frustrating, but after a lot of hard work by our web-host (more on that later this week) we were back in action by Saturday.

Once the dust settled all that was lost my Anza-Borrego blog post from last Friday.  That wasn’t a big deal, it was a short one, but I was bummed to lose the comment that went along with it.  I greatly appreciate it when anyone takes time from their busy day to leave a comment but this one was extra special as it was written by David Leland Hyde, the son of the late Philip Hyde.  Philip Hyde was a famous pioneer landscape photographer who was the photographer for many books including Alaska:  The Great Land in 1974, so I thought it was pretty neat to hear from his son.

While I will never understand why really smart people spend their time trying to disrupt other peoples lives by hacking their computers and website, I’m grateful that the damage was minimal.  If anyone else left comments on Friday, I’m sorry I didn’t get to see them.

This is the second time I have been hacked.  You might remember this post:    http://www.my-photo-blog.com/visitor-stats-and-double-crossing-porn-scammers-and-hackers

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  1. Glad you got things sorted out! What a pain. I hate when stuff like this happens. David has been quite active online so I’d imagine with your great images as inspiration he’ll be back around to comment.

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  3. Wasn’t able to call you this last week end, well 9th or 10th when we there at Seward. Alaska is very beautiful, it was rainly on Kenai Fjords Tour, but we got to see lots of stuff anyway. It was a beautiful day for Redout Bear Viewing on Monday -must of had 10 plus bear that just kept coming back for more fish. We had a great time in Denali, but couldn’t see the mountain-saw bears, sheep, fox etc. Hope to come back again some time. Nice peeking moose shot.

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    Hey Dennis,

    Sorry I missed you, but glad to hear you had a great trip! The weather could have been a bit better, and it is too bad you didn’t get to see the mountain, but glad you were able to see so much wildlife, that is great!



  5. I am so glad that you are back and your wonderful photographs! How did you do it? It feels so awful when that happens so I am glad to know that things can be restored.

  6. That stinks Ron, but fortunately it seems there is little permanent damage. I am glad you were able to recover – though I can just imagine the scare.

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    Thanks everyone. It was a big relief.

    @Lindsay You know my web-host deserves all the credit – they took care of me.

  8. Sad to think some people consider it their life’s mission to be a zit on the bum of humanity. How low must your self esteem be to get your kicks from disrupting the creative work of others? Glad you’re up and running again.


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  10. Take heart — a lot of hackers (criminals) get caught. I know — I have to look after them !!

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  12. Ron, Glad to hear you recovered (mostly) from this quickly. Disruptions like this (either planned or unplanned) can eat up so much of your time…and that is the most precious asset any of us have. (I just wish I could carve out more of mine toward photography…)

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  14. Hi Ron, I am sorry to hear you got hacked and glad you have recovered. It is very kind of you to say my comment was special. I am sad now that I didn’t see this post sooner. I just did a search for myself on Google looking for something specific. I hope I said something very profound on that hacked post to earn such respect. More seriously, it makes me feel good that you admire my father’s work and therefore appreciate a comment by me. As far as I’m concerned, I am honored to write about Dad and Mom and their lives roaming the West and defending wilderness with photography. It is also a privilege to be a part of the photographic blogosphere with so many talented photographers such as yourself. Those of you who are carrying on the tradition of beautiful images of nature as you are, really deserve the praise. I think I have commented on your blog elsewhere, but if not please pardon me. I’ve been pretty swamped since the end of July. Starting to get out and around the net again now more. Best wishes to you. David

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    Hi David,

    Thanks a lot for the follow up comment! I appreciate your support, and I’m glad to hear how proud you are of your parents work.

    The lost comment was a great one – I wished I still had it. It was a long one – I was disappointed to have such an effort lost.

    Thanks again,


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