Halibut Cove, Alaska

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Halibut Cove, Alaska

Halibut Cove, Alaska.

How is this for a cool town – Halibut Cove has no roads; there is a 12 block long boardwalk, otherwise you use boats.  The boardwalk provides access to one very nice restaurant, and two art galleries representing 14 local artists.  In addition, the town has a floating espresso stand, and a few fancy lodges, and that is about it.  How many towns can you name where the art galleries out number any other type of business by two to one?

Here in another cool thing that you probably won’t see anywhere else;  One of the galleries is always open, even if the artists is out.  You see she leaves the door unlocked, and has a bowl by the door where you can leave your payment for any of the art you would like to purchase – and this is a place with $3,000 originals!  In a day and age where you are no longer trusted to put fuel in your tank without prepaying, I thought this was really refreshing!

Here are more of our Halibut Cove, Alaska photos.

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    Thanks Richard!

    We got there by boat – water taxi. I hope to write more about that part in the next day or two. It is across the bay from Homer, the nearest town.

    It can be hard to make out the details in this small image, but there weren’t any fall colors yet. The tide was fluctuating about 20 feet while we were there, and this was at low tide. I think some of the yellow you are seeing is seaweed on the beached.

    You might also be seeing some of the trees in the distance that unfortunately are dying from beatle kill – the nice light may be giving them a autumn like appearance.

    Thanks again,


  2. Hey Ron

    Nice – looks like you had a cool trip – glad you got some decent weather. I didn’t know you were headed that way – a last minute call?

    I’ve never been to this little town, but I do want to get over there – this image and your notes make me want to get there even sooner.



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    Hi Richard – yeah the beatle kill is a real bummer. That has been one advantage of the preceipitation we get in Seward – it has kept the beatles away.

    Hey Carl, welcome home! We did have this trip planned, we were also going to spend time in Homer and Seldovia, but skipped that segment thanks to heavy rain and office demands. Halibut Cove is really cool.

    Thanks a lot Klaus!

  4. Ron,
    I have been an admirer of your photos for a year now. My husband and I will be vacationing in wild, wonderful, AK again next year. 🙂 I bookmark places I want to visit.
    I know I won’t see a wolverine, but sure would like to communicate with you via email.
    Wonderful work!

    Be blessed, Denise

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  6. I’ve been here and its a incredibly beautiful location. I forgot the name of the place and was focused on a family visit rather than photography. We were getting the out of towner tour. You’ve done a great job capturing the feel of this very unique destination.

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    Thanks Jim!

    I didn’t realize you had been to Halibut Cove – you have visited some of the nicer parts of Alaska!


  8. It was unplanned and part of an aunt in-laws tour for my wife and I. It was very nice of her to plan a nice activity for us when we were visiting. With out her I’d never have known about Halibut Cove. One of these days I’d like to return spending some time behind the camera. Our visit was very short. Just enough for an afternoon walk and dinner. Its great to revisit this beautiful location through your photos.

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    OK, that explains why I haven’t seen any images from this area on your website, I was thinking you only visited ANWR. Sounds like you need to get back up this way!

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