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  1. Ron —

    Nice image; nice colors of sunset.

    Question: did you use a tilt-shift lens for this photo? All seems very sharp from front to back (as best one can tell from the size image on a blog). Do you make use of tilt-shift lenses at all?

    Best wishes for the Holiday Season. Frank

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    Thanks Mark!

    Thanks Frank! I do have some tilt-shifts lenses, but didn’t use one here.

    This was with a 24-105 @ 35mm and f/16. I made sure I had the foreground in focus choosing a focus point a little closer in from what I typically would figuring a lack of depth of field wouldn’t be as perceivable in the moving waves or stormy mountains – but knowing the rocks had to be tack sharp.

  3. Man, I love the colors and light in this photo! Are you offering free tickets to us Fairbanksans? 🙂 OK, in all honesty, it isn’t that bad; I enjoy our winters.

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