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  1. Wonderful shot Ron. We got a good dumping of snow last night, so today we woke to a winter wonderland, and I spent some time in the enchanted forest.

    These snowy evergreens always look great.

  2. Hey Ron,

    I nearly stopped posting on your blog because of the whole “bought another PC” thing. It’s hard for me to deal with, but I’ll try to work through it.

    Happy New Year to you and Janine.

    Love this kind of picture Ron – and this one is really well done.

    Hope you sobered up after last night already. 🙂



  3. It’s okay if you are lying face down and plastered Ron, even pros are entitled to a little R&R. Oh yeah, Happy New Year to you guys!

  4. Post
  5. thans photo and evertyhing,maybe l will send you a phot of my beauty girl SU (its english mean is only water thatl find this name thinkikg of herakleitos) She is only one and half years old.

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