Harding Icefield

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Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

Janine overlooking the Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

We just got in from an overnight trip to the Harding Icefield via the Harding Icefield trail – I sure love that place on a beautiful day!

Much like a river flowing from a lake, here the ice is flowing from out of the icefield down to the left in what becomes Exit Glacier.

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Hey Dave, thanks! We camped pretty close to the spot pictured, which is a bit past and below the cabin. I’ve camped up there a few times – the Park Service asks that you camp either on the snow or gravel, but not the plant life. The gravel is usually rocky and un-level, but it works.

  2. Hey….Thats my office!!!!!! Not too hard to get up an d go to work in the a.m. with a view like that;-)

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    Hey April – you are right! Hard to beat your office on a day like this! Thanks.

    Thanks Richard! Janine was fairly close. According to my camera, she was 16.3 meters away. This was shot at 45mm.

  4. Hey Ron

    I’ve been there – watch out for bears in the area.

    Howcome Janine is so small?

    And where’s all the smoke?



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    Hey Carl,

    That’s right – you, Janine and I had some fun watching bears up there! We were talking about that trip after coming across that lake we saw one swimming in.

    Janine is so small so that she is easier to store in a backpack or camera bag ever try getting a full sized person in a pack? 🙂

    Wind turned south a cleared the smoke out a couple of days ago – I hope it lasts!

  6. Hey Ron,

    I’m headed back to the Wrangells, and there’s a big fire smack in the middle of the park, on the Chakina River – right near Bremner Mines … they’re actually worried it might jump the Chitina River, over near Jake’s Bar.

    By the way, great photo bud.



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    Hi Carl,

    Thanks Man.

    That is a huge bummer! That is an area you like to hike, not to mention, the smoke is probably going to effect the entire Park. And it doesn’t sound like they are making much of an effort to fight it. I feel you pain man! Hopefully the weather change for a bit and put it out!

    Have a great trip,


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