Hartman Rocks Mountain Biking Trails, Gunnison, Colorado.

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Hartman Rocks Mountain Biking Trails, Gunnision, Colorado.

Hartman Rocks Mountain Biking Trails, Gunnison, Colorado.

Typically on the blog I’m posting photos captured the day before, but I must admit, with all the Fall color photos I have been posting lately, I have fallen a bit behind.  Most of the autumn photos were captured over just two days, but it has taken a few more to share them.  We have actually been in Moab, Utah since this past weekend, and beginning tomorrow, I will begin posting photos from this area.

A week ago, I alluded to the mountain biking at Hartman Rocks Recreation Area, but never had a chance to follow up.  We have been fortunate enough to ride some great trails, like the Slickrock trail here in Moab, or our favorite, the McDowell Mountain Regional Park trails near Phoenix, but we now have a new favorite – these trails, well, rock!  They were so much fun!  Especially Rocky Ridge and Becks – they were really smooth single track trails, with lots of rises, dips and banked turns that allow you to go as fast as you can peddle.  I felt like I was 12 again – well, that isn’t all that unusual.  If you find yourself in the Gunnison area, check them out.

Here are more Crested Butte and Gunnison Colorado pictures.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    That cyclist needs to actually put her toes IN the toe cages. That said, the blue top is killin’ .. it screams 2010.

    Your bike or do you rent them?

    We need to go up and ride Res. Pass in the spring – I haven’t ridden it in years.



  2. LOL, Carl, you would notice the toe cage! I am usually very careful about those details but..here comes the excuse…it was a steep and short area I didn’t have enough time to get my toe in…I tried. I was hoping no one would notice. I need to do clip in shoes but I am too spastic for that!!! Our bikes. It would be fun to do more riding in Alaska. All we ever ride is Lost Lake Trail.

  3. Post

    Great eye Warren! I almost pointed it out and wondered if anyone would spot it.

    Thanks Carl! I’m up for the Res. Trail! But we will need to help Janine with her toe baskets first. I have never ridden the Hope end.


  4. Hey Janine,


    That’s exactly the kind of riding situation the cages are made for .. steeper, sketchy sections. Don’t let it happen again. 🙂

    Well, next spring we’ll have to do some biking – you can take me up the Lost Lake Trail and I’ll take you over Res. Pass.

    The red bike photographs well, doesn’t it. My bike is Darth Vader Black, so it doesn’t have that travel photo appeal .. but it’ll be simply stunning against the Kenai Peninsula Greens.



  5. Post

    Thanks a lot Rob – you live / work at a beautiful area!

    Hi Carl. Funny, my bike is black, and my clothes mostly dark, but then I’m rarely in front of the camera!

  6. One of these days I’ll bike this area. Great photo (toe cage or not). LOL I hardly think anyone would notice, but reading the comments on that made me chuckle.

  7. Post

    I wonder – I think it might catch the eye of a serious biker. Guess I could clone them out, although I usually don’t go that route.

    Thanks Jim!

  8. Aw, heck, cages are just plain dangerous! Any serious MTBer knows that. You either get clipless for x/c bikes or flats for the cross/downhill bikes.

    Looks like a great place to MTB. Wish I still did! Too scared now, I’d rather go climbing 🙂

  9. Post

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