Heading Home

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Sunset, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sunset, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Looking forward to heading back to Alaska today!  Since mid-November I have only been home for three weeks.  It has been a crazy, but fun stretch that started with a month in Maui, then about 5 weeks for Argentina / Antarctica, then home 3 weeks before heading out for two months to the Southwest.

I also really enjoying the RV lifestyle – the last two months we have been in our RV.  It is like having a miniature house that can go almost anywhere with you.  I don’t know if I could do it full-time, but I do enjoy it for months at a time once I fall until a comfortable rhythm.

I love to travel as you might guess, but I also love being at home. It will be good to be in Alaska – for starters, I have a ton of office work to do!  Plans can always change unexpectedly, but for right now I should be in Alaska traveling around and working in the office until October.  Can’t wait for the Alaskan Summer!


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