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The Virgin River in the Zion Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah.

The Virgin River in the Zion Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah.

Seems I’m not home for very long these days – just a week and a half for this last stretch – but a great week and a half, Alaska can be so beautiful this time of year!

We are off today for a fun five week trip.  Planning on doing more backpacking on this trip then usual – have reservations for Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, and hope to do the West Rim Trail and possibly East Rim in Zion if we can get the permits.  Going to spend time in  Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada where I have two sold out works, and Arizona as well.

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  1. Dang. Y’all might as well pull up your roots all together. You don’t have any extra permits on your visit to Havasu? Has been on my list, but hasn’t made it on the schedule yet. Are you guys flying or hiking?

  2. Lovely shot. I remember it being very dark in Zion as the sun didn’t get in for a while due to the steep sides. Your photos bring back so many happy memories for me. Thankyou

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    Thanks Nina and cako!
    Hey Gary! I know, I’m going to lose my Alaska card!
    We are going to hike. But, only have reservations for two. But, we are going October 13 and 14 if you are interested – be fun to see you there! I know mid week is hard for you, but probably why we were able to get reservations.

  4. Ron: Oh, how I wish. Giving two presentations that week. Tho weekdays are getting better. Kids older now and being responsible for getting themselves to school most days, and my wife now telecommutes from home full time now, replacing her cubicle desk for our kitchen table with a view out the back yard watching the squirrels.

    Cheers & have a great time,

    – Gary.

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