Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion National Park, Utah

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Arch along Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion National Park, Utah

This is looking through the arch in Hidden Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah.

We missed this little arch on our way into the canyon, it is only about 20 feet tall  and tucked away on the right hand side, but that was ok, because it was fun exploring the beautiful little canyon.

The further back into the canyon you go, the tougher the obstacles.  I turned around at a place where you need to rely on some left over climbing webbing just to ascend a rockfall.  I figured that was good enough, very few people make it towards the back of the canyon, it wouldn’t be a good place to get hurt.

Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion National Park, Utah

The trail begins at the Weeping Rock shuttle stop.  You then follow the Observation Trail for a half mile.   The trail to the enterance of Hidden Canyon is about a mile long, and climbs 850 feet.  You do get a nice views of the valley floor.  The trail is well signed, including the turn-off to Hidden Canyon. 

The upper portion of this trail is another one of Zion’s – cut a ledge into the side of a rock cliff and add a chain for people to hold onto trails!  The last photo is near the end of the actual trail, as you can see, Janine successfully conquered this one!  There are four hikers in the background traversing one of the more exposed areas.

Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion National Park, Utah

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  1. Nice! The upper Emerald Pools trail had me turning back last year and it wasn’t even like this though I did it once when I was younger. I can go up but I don’t like having to come back down. Another time at Sequoia which looked similar to this, I was crawling on the ground minus the chain.

    Three more days until no more shuttle bus…

  2. Post

    We haven’t been to Emerald Pools yet. I don’t know what it is, but coming down is a lot harder! I bet you are talking about Morro Rock – that is some trail!

    The buses actually stopped running today. It is some kind of holiday for Salt Lake City students and I heard the park was a zoo. I stayed out of there today.


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