Hiking in Zion Narrows

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A couple of hikers making their way up the Zion Narrows.

I have written this before – but hiking up a river while surrounded by 1,500 foot high cliffs is just an amazing, fun experience!

We have done this hike on a few different trips – hard to come here and not do it.  But in the past it has always been in October – I was surprised at how many more people were up there in May as compared to October.  I can’t begin to imagine what July must be like.

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  1. Julie and I also hiked this 2 weeks ago. I loved it, though Julie got a bit cold in the shaded areas. Saw plenty of people doing this in swim suits and flip flops, but I was glad we rented gear for this.

  2. Post

    Hi Scott! The hear does really help. It was very warm this week – in the lower 90’s. Too bad we didn’t see you guys!

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