Hiking the Narrows

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Hiking the Narrows

This is a little more of a traditional shot of the Narrows – and probably better shows what the experience is like!

The Fall colors are all but done in Zion – we are moving on to Palm Springs with a bit of a lay-over in Las Vegas, although I think I will post a few more Zion photos over the next few days.

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    Hi Richard,

    Looks like we will meeting with a client and visiting with family – I really want to get up to Joshua Tree, but I guess it will have to wait until another trip.


  2. I agree with Richard, you are just cranking them out from this trip Ron. It must be pretty rewarding to be in a place where you have so many opportunities to take advantage of.

    p.s. My wife was flipping through the national wildlife calendar and we noticed your eagle w/ chicks shot there. My wife asked – was he on a platform or something??! 🙂

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    Thanks Mark!

    Zion sure has been rewarding, but Zion gets the credit, not me!

    The eagle with chicks was shot with a 600 plus a 2x converter. Even so, it is rare to find a nest you can not only get close to – but above. There are lots of nests near Seward in which I can get close to, but you have to shoot up and they never work.

    This particular nest was near Anchorage and popular with local bird watchers over the years so the eagles completed ignored human visitors. I never was able to get a shot of the adults looking my direction because they never did – it was really fun to watch the adults and chicks. I was grateful to find out about the nest from a fellow photographer.

    Unfortunately during a very snowy winter two years ago tree with the nest collapsed. The new nest location really isn’t viewable.

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