Holland Americas Cruise Ship Video

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Here is another time lapse video.  This one is of the Holland America cruise ship Veendam leaving Seward, Alaska last July 5, 2009.  This was my second or third evening of trying to capture a ship leaving – it took a few tries before I could capture the entire turnaround in the frame, while still have a fairly tight composition.  If you change the settings in the bottom corner of the You Tube frame, you can see it full frame in 1080 HD.

A post about leaving Seward is fitting as we are leaving Seward later today bound for Denali National Park.  We may have one or two occasions where we have access to the internet – if I do, and have something worthy I will put it on the blog, but it is very likely I won’t post again until next Tuesday.

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  1. Fune time-lapse Ron! Great job getting the entire turn in the frame. I’m looking forward to seeing more time-lapses from you with that great Alaska light.

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  4. It’s amazing how time-lapse can turn something so everyday into a something special. Nicely done!

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