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It is great to be home just in time for some wonderful Summer weather – some of the best we have had in a year or two!

Looking back, I would say this not only was one of the funnest trips we have taken in awhile – and that is saying something, because they all are fun!  But, it was one of the most productive as well.  We moved around more then normal, but not too much.  Had a wide variety of experiences including a snowstorm and big seas in Prince William Sound, to 110 degree temps at the end in Scottsdale!  Backpacking into the Grand Canyon, camping on Lake Powell, and spending time with Discovery Tours in Prince William Sound were a few of the highlights, and all things I want to repeat.

Like most Alaskan’s, photographers live here for these few brief months of Alaska Summer – I don’t see the pace slowing down anytime soon, definitely not this time of year!  It is always good to be home.

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