Hot Air Balloons at Fountain Hills

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Hot Air Balloons at Fountain Hills

Hot air balloons preparing to lift off this morning over the lake in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  This is a fun event to watch, many of the balloonist actually dipped their baskets into the lake as they crossed it. 

The Hot Air Balloon Rally is part of the Fountain Hills Great Fair held every year about this time.  The Fair also includes about 500 artists and a few food booths.  I’m typically not a big fan of art and craft shows, but I must admit this one was very impressive.  There was booth after booth of beautiful creations, it was very impressive. 

Here are more Fountain Hills photos.

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  1. Hot air balloons are a blast. I saw them for the first time last year at the Kentucky Derby Festival. I wonder if they have any of those events in California?

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    That’s a good question, I would love to catch a rally in California. I don’t know of any, but then again, I didn’t know of this one – we got lucky with the timing.

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