Hoover Dam

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Hover Dam at sunset, Lake Mead NRA, Nevada / Arizona.

Hoover Dam at sunset, Lake Mead NRA, Nevada / Arizona.

This is from the dramatic new by-pass bridge that routes traffic around the dam.   I captured some images from this bridge last year right after it opened, but they were taken during the day – I like the sunset / evening photos from this trip much better.

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  1. (Whoops! An ‘O’ has fallen off the title!)

    What an interesting angle and soft pastel reflections. That’s a very high and quite amazing view point.

  2. Nice sunset shot Ron!
    I was just there a few weeks ago shooting from that bridge.
    It was midday, very windy, and it went from sunshine to cloudy pretty quickly.
    I agree sunset light makes it much better and it is interesting to see the difference.

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