How to Photograph Aurora eBook Review

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Aurora borealis over the Brooks Range last week, Alaska.

Aurora borealis over the Brooks Range last week, Alaska.

This was last week in the Brooks Range.

Capturing decent images of the northern lights (aurora borealis) is far more involved then most photographers anticipate.  Finding the aurora, dealing with cold, focusing and exposure are just some of the challenges – I know I made plenty of mistakes along the way when I began to photograph the aurora.

When I was learning way back in the days of slides, I know I wasted a long, cold dark night photographing a cool aurora show after manually setting the focus on my lens to infinity, only to learn later that my stars were all out of focus!  Who knew infinity isn’t always infinity!

Now you can avoid the common mistakes photographers make when photographing the northern lights, thanks to my good friend and fellow Alaska photographer Patrick Endres.  Patrick’s 280 page book on How to Photograph the Northern Lights is a real game changer!  Patrick really covers everything, even some of those hard earned, little secrets I had learned the hard way over the years.  I sure wish this book had been around 15 years ago – it would have saved me plenty of frustration!

This book goes into great detail on finding the northern lights – the when and where, techniques and exposure, gear, dealing with the cold and a whole bunch of other stuff.  It would take just one missed aurora opportunity for this book to pay for itself.   So if you plan on photographing the northern lights, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this eBook.  You can find it here:  How to Photograph the Northern Lights.

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