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Tower Records

Former Tower Records store on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, California.

As part of having a photography business, we get to meet all kinds of interesting people.  I think Stephen Duncan may easily take the cake! 

Over the last twenty or so years, Stepen Duncan has put together possibly the largest collection of rock and roll memorabilia in the world.  He didn’t do it by busting out a thick wallet and buying the stuff. No, most of his collection came from hard work, and usually was the result of his direct encounters with the stars themselves.  He has great stories of these encounters on his website, Janine and I got lost there for some time.  If you have a little bit of time, go here to his about me page at  If you are short on time, scroll to the bottom of that same page to his five favorites stories and read about his interactions with people like Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen and Brian May. 

So why the photo of the Tower Records store?  Stephen purchased this photo for his tribute to Tower Records.  Frankly, I was shocked to hear this famous landmark had been closed.  This photo was from Spring of 2006.  I had now idea then, that this store would soon be closing.  I’m glad we made the time to stow my camera gear so that we could go inside and buy some CD’s.

So when you get a chance, do check out

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  1. They closed are last Tower Records a few years ago!

    BOY I dropped a lot of lunch Money at The Tower Records be hind my high school LOL

  2. Great use of the photo Ron. I went to the Sunset Tower a few times with my parents when I was younger. It was a classic location, it is too bad that they couldn’t keep that one open at least. I think Amoeba Music is still around at least, but they don’t have the same historical value.

    I still prefer buying CD’s from stores rather than online. In fact I got Weezer’s Red Album today and the Robert Plant / Allison Krauss cd a few weeks ago.

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    Hi Doris,

    A record store next to the High School – yikes, I would have been broke!

    Hi hear you Ricard, I still buy a few CD’s myself, although I must admit, most our music money goes to downloads anymore.


  4. What a cool shot! Reminds me of the late 70s’. There used to be a record store in Atlanta named Tower Records. No Carl, if you’re reading, not Tower Package Store!! It was huge like that, too. When we’d come from California to visit my Nana, I would always want to stop there to buy this new thing called a cassette! How times have changed! Just think of all of the gadgets we have today. I can still remember my Grandpas’ dial up phone. An old black one. You & Janine have a great day!!

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    Hi Beth,

    That sounds familiar – I remember traveling from Alaska to see my grandparents in San Diego in the late 70’s and having them take me to the record store so that I could buy cassettes! Then I would listen to them over and over!



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