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The average high for today in Reno is 75 degrees.  Today it is snowing!  Well, wet snow mixed with rain. 

 So why no photo today?  Well in addition to two days of driving, and the bad weather, I dropped my camera and damaged my main workhorse lens – the Canon 24-105 IS.  This brings me to Hunts Camera.  I called them today as soon as I realized my lens wouldn’t work, and they have a new one being Fedex this afternoon with Saturday delivery direct to our campground!  This is the kind of service I have always received from Hunt’s, and why I recommend them to others.  My salesperson there, Gary Farber checks in with me every few months and is always helpful and friendly.  I got the chance to meet Gary at NANPA in Palm Springs this past winter.  So if you need a camera store with great service and prices, call Gary at 1-800-221-1830, ext 2323.

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    Actually the camera seems to have survived – I guess the lens absorbed the blow. I normally have a backup camera, but I don’t right now. figures.

    I tried to drive to Virginia City this afternoon but hit heavy snow!


  2. Wow you are lucky considering what happened. Salt water is not so good… Hopefully the weather holds up because I want to go to Bishop next Friday. Snow is undesirable in October!

  3. Hey Ron,

    Bummer about the camera, man. I’m sorry to hear that. Where’s the backup? Don’t you have a 20D? Good news to hear about Hunt’s, that’s nice service.

    Hope the rest of your trip goes well. I just glanced over the stuff so far, looks like you had better luck than me in the Tetons .. course, I was only there one night. I won’t let my folks look at your images. 🙂

    Good luck with the camera.



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    Thanks Carl.

    Good memory, I do have a 20D – I just don’t like the tiny images it produces although they are totally fine.

    Just got my lens – on a Saturday in less then 24 hours. Thanks Hunts!


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