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Celebrity Course next to the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort, Indian Wells, California.

Celebrity Course next to the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort, Indian Wells, California.

This was Monday morning, our last one in California before returning to Alaska.  There, it was going to be another 80 degree day.  Here, single digit chill factors!  But, it is really nice to be home in Alaska!

So what were we doing at such a nice and fancy resort?  Well, thanks to my hotel bidding on strategy on Priceline, we were able to pick up a room for $70!  Granted there was $24 more for resort fee, and $10 for parking, but it was still just as cheap as a Holiday Inn Express!  And much nicer.

I say this every time at the end of our fall trip, but this time I think I mean it.  🙂  I try to post a photo here 5 days a week, but with a busy office load, and a reduced shooting schedule, I anticipate my activity will slow down to just a couple of times a week.  I’m usually wrong, but this time I think I will need to cut back.

Judging from the many emails, lots of people are interested in the 2011 photo tour / workshop schedule and as of right now we don’t have any thing being offered except for the sold out bear tours.  We hope to have the 2011 schedule in place soon, and recently received tentative approval to offer the the Anza-Borrego workshops again this winter – I will blog about that, and my Alaska tour schedule as soon as I have it completed.

I’m also working on some other very new things that I’m looking forward to sharing, but for now, I need to buckle down and get caught up on the office work – I could blog about the office work, but I really don’t think that would interest anyone.  🙂

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  2. Beautiful picture! I will be in Indian Wells in March for the tennis tournament, hopefully staying in a 4-star Priceline room like you.

  3. Genevieve, for Indian Wells area do Resort instead of 4 star, the Hyatt we stayed at is under Resort. We usually can get Resort in that area for less than $100.00. Have fun at the tournament!

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    Thanks everyone!

    Genevieve – for the Palm Springs area, make sure you go for Resort property instead of 4 star, that is a step up from 4 star. This Hyatt for example was a “resort”.

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  6. Glad to hear you it looks like you’ll get approval on the Anza Borrego workshop. Sounds like it’s a little colder in AK than where I’m at in MN, but it’s probably a lot prettier too.

  7. Welcome home, Ron and Janine! I’ll look forward to keeping up with your blog posts and photos, Ron, whenever they appear. Always a good start to my day.

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