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Seward, Alaska

Here is a photo I captured in Seward, Alaska last June.  During the first part of summer there is a period of time right after the foliage reappears where the greens are off the chart.  I call it the hyper green period.  I think the greens this year look even richer – I think that is because we just returned from the west where everything is so dry and brown.  They say there area around Yellowstone is dryer this year then in 1988!  1988 is the year much of Yellowstone burned.  Thanks to a cool spring, it is also shaping up as a good wildflower year, at least on the Kenai Peninsula.  I haven’t had a chance to shoot since arriving home, so I pulled out a shot from last year.

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    Yeah, we were talking about that same thing. The Tetons are much taller, but they begin at 7,000 feet, where the mountains around Seward begin at sea-level, so the geographical relief isn’t that different.

  2. I love the depth you captured in this photo with the different tone zones seperating the foreground from the mid-zone to the background. Incredibly beautiful. I hope to go to Alaska in the future to experience this firsthand.

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  4. I came across your blog while searching for photos of Alaska. I was feeling very homesick (even though I’ve never lived in Alaska) I have visited 5 times over the past 10 years. I was there last year but didn’t get to come this year and I am missing it so much. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photography. Beautiful!

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