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  1. Very cool! I haven’t seen any ice like that on my windows here in Jackson Hole, but that would definitely be worth driving with the heat off to get into a good position.

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ Scott No, the grainy look was just from the thick ice.

    @ Dan Yeah I wonder if the windows have something to do with it. We have had some good ice lately thanks to the transition to warm wet weather to cold.


  3. Beautiful picture. I really enjoy your photography. An exploded frozen can of 7Up makes pretty pictures on car windows too! 😉

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  5. Wow! I remember Jack Frost’s paintings on the wondows at home in New York when I was a kid, but don’t see them any more on home or vehicles either. Thanks for the memory!

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  7. This is awesome Ron. Brings me back to my childhood strangely enough. As a really young kid (kindergarten age) I used to play with the ice that would form on the windows of our mobile home in Anchorage. As to your photo great lighting and amazing intimate nature photo…. truck window or not. Really cool!

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    Thanks Jim!

    Our mobile home out in Copper Center received way too much ice on the windows to even have patterns! Thanks,


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