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  1. I haven’t been able to stop by much Ron – but just popped in – Congrats on all those covers, I have yet to secure one myself. Just lots of great images posted, but I particularly relate to your comments on this one. So often I find myself waiting until it becomes pitch black out just in case that little bit of color decides to show itself. Then again, a lot of times it completely fizzles out! 🙂

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  3. I miss ib so and regret following the housing boom to the middle of well hell, ihave every intention of movin home because how could I have left that, its simply put heaven. Sure wish I could have that vision on my desktop

  4. The first time I had seen the Pacific Ocean was in 1974 moving from Phoenix AZ to Chula Vista,CA. It was summer time so my parents took all us kids to Imperial Beach. I fell in love with IB. I now live back in PX and have only been gone a year from IB. I miss it oh so much. I plan on moving back to IB next summer(2010).Nothing and no one will stop me from going back.. IB is a way cool place to just hang out…Don’t forget the Sand Castles every year…C ya in IB…..

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