Indian Wells Golf Resort

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Indian Wells Golf Resort

Indian Wells Golf Resort, Indian Wells, California.

Unfortunately, both mornings we spent in the Palm Springs area were cold, so the rich green grass was turned white in many areas thanks to frost.  Between the frost on the grass, and the snow in the mountains, I don’t think this is the image this area is trying to convey – that might not make these images very marketable, but what can you do.

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  1. It would make for a great print though I would imagine. It was really foggy this morning locally and I saw a ton of spider webs all over the grass. At least I think they were spider webs. So weird.

  2. Post

    Thanks Beth! I finally photographed Salton Sea – I should post some of those images early next week.

    Hi Richard – sounds like it has been really foggy on the coast. We have been spared. It is interesting how many spider webs are really around – they aren’t obvious until you have a foggy morning.

    Thanks Dennis!

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