Jacqui Foreman

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Jacqui Foreman

Jacqui Foreman

At the end of our fall trip we briefly stopped in Borrego Springs where we cleaned and winterized our trailer before flying home.  Turns out in the campsite next to us was Ron and Jacqui Foreman.  Ron and Jacqui were also from Alaska (Juneau), and were helping to manage the campground while Jacqui, who was a singer / songwriter performed on evenings and weekends at nearby venues such as the wineries in Temecula.  As Alaskans working hard to pursue a dream with an emphasis on lifestyle over financial security – we had a lot in common.

It was good to see them again when we returned to Borrego Springs this winter and to hear about their pursuits.  But it wasn’t until just a couple of weeks ago that Janine and I actually heard Jacqui perform that we really became huge fans – in short, we were blown away!  She is a wonderful guitar player, with an amazing voice and a great collection of original songs.  We have heard her perform a couple of times now and can’t get enough.  I believe one day she will be very successful.

I offered to do some photography for Jacqui in exchange for permission to play her music during future slide shows – that is if I ever put some together.  🙂  Turns out she needed photos, so yesterday we spent a few hours photographing Jacqui.  I gotta admit this was a little outside my normal photography, but I really had fun.  I captured a very wide variety of images, I’m only posting a small sample here.  Go past the jump for two more photos.

By the way, to learn more about Jacqui, check out her website:  Jacqui Foreman.

Jacqui Foreman

Jacqui Foreman

Jacqui Foreman

Jacqui Foreman

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    Thanks a lot guys!

    MG – I bet she is the only one!

    Gotta admit I’m not used to kicking around the desert with a truck load of guitars, wardrobe changes and makeup bags, but it was a lot of fun – nice to have new photography challenges.

  2. Awesome photos, Ron. She’s pretty. I’ll have to check out her music once I can get on my Mac and not this Dell laptop that keeps crashing on me.

    Is that first photo from Anza Borrego too?

  3. Hi Ron, looks fun and a nice change of scope. Really like the dry lake bed and silhouette. Is that Clark dry lake bed on the way to Rockhouse Canyon?

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    Thanks guys!

    Yeah the first image was in Anza-Borrego on the dry Clark lake bed. Janine was holding a giant reflector with the sun behind Jacqui.


  5. Great Job, Ron. It seems we share more than a love for The Springs at Borrego! Jacqui is a treasure that someday we hope will be enjoyed by millions! I don’t mind telling anyone that the first time I heard her sing ( I mean the very first song!) I broke down and cried. She is that powerful, talented , and as we can see from your photos, beautiful.

  6. Wow-great shots! In the first shot the sun was behind Jacqui, and Janine stood to the front or side and reflected the light back onto Jacqui? I’ve never really used reflectors.

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    Thanks Dan! That is a great story, thanks for sharing and thanks for doing such a great job with the Springs at Borrego!

    Thanks Salma – I agree!

    Thanks Scott – reflectors are nice, I like the constant illumination, something you don’t get with a flash.

  8. Thank you so much Ron and Janine for the amazing photo’s and for promoting them on your website. You both are great to work with and a joy to be around.

    Very sincerely and forever grateful.

    P.S. My mom loves them.

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