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Javelina, Tortolita Mountains, Arizona.

Javelina, Tortolita Mountains, Arizona.

The two baby javelina are still alive and growing!  This was last night at sunset.  The night before, the gray fox showed up on my game cam at this same time, so I was hoping for him, but this is a great consolation prize!

I’m excited to see my water feature working.  The drip, made from steal pipe appears to be javelina proof – no small task  But more importantly,  I wanted a nice background which I think I have.  I also wanted to control the access to the water so that the birds and mammals would all have to approach from the same direction.  This way they would be facing the blind and the nice evening light. I had given this a lot of thought and so far it is working – even the birds are facing the camera almost every time!

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  1. As a fellow Arizonan love seeing your photos of wildlife and sunsets! Thank you for sharing. Your imagery of Alaska is also amazing!

    This family of havelina is especially touching.

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