Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

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Bobcat, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona. Photo by Joe McDonald.

Bobcat, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona. Photo by Joe McDonald.

All photos by Joe McDonald.

It was great to have Joe and Mary Ann McDonald visit us this week at the Desert Photo Retreat.  When it comes to camera trapping, I have learned so much from Joe thanks to his book Understanding High Speed Flash and Triggering Systems.  It is $20 well spent as it will vastly speed up the learning curve.  If you have any interest in camera trapping, it is a must have.  You can find a link on their website.  So it was great fun having them out to the property, and seeing Joe set up two cameras for the night at my two water holes.   Between Joe and Bruce Taubert, I have now had the chance to learn from two of the best camera trappers in the business, who both have been doing this for a long time!

So these photos are all images Joe captured here in just one night.  He was more than gracious in sharing the photos to help promote our property which I appreciate!   It was great to have him here, but it was also great to have the Desert Photo Retreat really deliver.  Two bobcat visits, many gray fox, screech owl, and two skunks!  From my trail cam, I could see the bobcat show up, and then quickly run off.  I thought the camera  / flash spooked it.  It wasn’t until we downloaded Joe’s images and looked close that we realized the cat caught a mouse!  Check out the cloud of dust.  It was also a treat to have the bobcat return and pose so nicely!  Check out more images below.

As a final note, Joe also shared a copy of his beautiful new book Gorillas In The Wild, A Visual Essay.    It is full of beautiful photos – it has to be the most comprehensive coverage of gorillas to date.  Check it out.

Hooded Skunk


Bobcat catching a mouse.


Screech Owl.


Gray Fox


Joe in my trail cam setting up at the upper waterhole.

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