Jumping Red Salmon

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A Jumping Red Salmon, Alaska.

A Jumping Red Salmon, Alaska.

Thanks for the great feedback on yesterday’s post!

It was cloudy this morning, so I decided to try again – this time with less wide-angle (58 mm), and using the waterfall as a background.  It is interesting, photographing the waterfall from this angle with a fairly high shutter speed really changed the appearance of the falls – they make for a background that is a bit busy for my taste.

The photos in today’s and yesterday’s post will probably never make it our to our main website, or into our portfolio, but I thought I would still share them here so that you can see my experimentation process.

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  1. Interesting photos and blog story. We don’t get much of the outdoors here in Singapore. I work as a photographer here and we often go the neighbouring countries to look for nature photography shoot opportunities.

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  3. Hmmm…wonder if the reds jump the falls all night? If so then wonder what a relatively long exposure of a red jumping with the flash firing on second curtain would look like?

    I know if I’m crazy enough to stay up until 2:00am (sun midnight in Seward because of daylight savings time, etc.) to try to catch a red in midair at almost dark for such a photo come right on down and you’ll show me the spot.



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    Hi Warren,

    I have been thinking about the same thing. Actually, it was dark enough when I captured this image that I could have easily blurred the water had I stopped down, and dropped my ISO from 800 to 100. I might experiment with the idea. The problem I believe is that the salmon are so near the waterfall when that jump, that I think the flash will light the falls and the fish, and I will end up with the same situation.

    Thanks for the suggestion – if you want to try it, I’ll show you the spot!

  5. I think the backgrong is perfect Ron because it conveys the chaoticness of the life of a salmon. Personally I would be very happý with this image.

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  7. Hi Ron,

    I can’t believe that you don’t think these photos are good enough to make it to your portfolio–that’s a pretty high bar you’ve set for the trout to jump over. You can see some flash because you know it’s there, but I think you can knock down the highlights enough in Photoshop so no one else ever will.

    But as far as the timing goes, it might not be practical here, but setting up a laser trigger might improve your percentages. Sound won’t work because of the falls, but a light trigger might. I’ve been dying to buy a Mumford Time Machine for years but haven’t found the right excuse yet. Maybe you have one 🙂



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    Hey thanks Jeff. I gotten a few positive comments via email as well – I guess this one is a keeper!

    As I was clicking away and constantly missing the fish, I was think how nice a laser beam trigger would be! Not that I need more gear. It is a good idea – thanks for the comment, and for sharing the link.


  9. I wanted to say the same thing…this is such an awesome image! I think you might want to consider putting it in your portfolio. I was really struck by how cool it is!!

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  11. Enjoyed seeing you on the KTUU (NBC) news segment filmed at this location and broadcast statewide last night.

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    Thanks John.

    I’m sure there are red salmon (also called sockeye) in Western Canada, but I don’t believe they have a special name.

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