Juneau Zip Line Tour

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Juneau Zip Line Tour

Part of being a travel photographer is documenting the type of activities a visitor to a particular location might participate in during thier travels.  So if that means taking my camera on 9 zip-lines with one over 800 feet long with speeds of up to 35 mph – well by gosh, I’m just doing my job! 

Needless to say, those are my feet in the bottom of the frame, and that is my safety line on the right.  What a blast!

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  1. Looks like you are having a blast Ron. Many photographers treat their shooting as a job and images merely a commodity but you legitimately seem like you are enjoying yourself while getting in the great images. That’s awesome.

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  3. Ron – the pains and horrors you must have to go through… 😉 I have always wanted to try this. In fact, you do a lot of the things I would like to do, so I am living for awhile through your great shots!

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    Thanks Mark! I am way over due for some serious office time keywording etc., I don’t think you will want to live through me then!

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