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A couple of weeks ago I shared a number of images from Utah and Arizona taken near the end of a long trip last year which took me from Alaska to California.  We were joined on that trip for a few days by some good friends of ours from Seward, Bob and Kathy Bingman.  I thought I would share a few of Kathy’s photos from the trip, one because it is rare for me to be in any photo, but mainly, because I thought they were very creative and well done.

The top photo is a great example.  Even experienced photographers would made the mistake of putting me at or near the center of the frame.  Placing my in the far corner makes it a much stronger image, and helps tell the story about the vast, broad landscape you find in Arizona.  At the time, I was shooting this photo of the Colorado River

Here is Janine and I at the same place: 


Finally, Kathy’s photo of Bob, Janine and I in the amazing Antelope Slot Canyon:


Great job Kathy!

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