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  1. As you Americans would say “that looks really cool” !! I have really enjoyed the autumn shots I drove along that road when I was in Alaska some years ago and found it awesome.

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  3. Ron, beautiful photography! I came across your site searching for info on tilt-shift lenses and then spent another two hours just perusing the images & your text. This image of the iceberg reminds me of a river rafting tour I took from McKarthy down to Valdez. I’m amazed you guys got so close!

  4. Hello, thank you for sharing these amazing photos! I am planning my first trip to Alaska and photos like yours have inspired me to be more adventurous during my time there! For example, one of my goals is to kayak among glaciers and capture photos like these. I am going this July, but it seems that the cruise ports don’t have a nearby kayak tour with scenery like this. Are you aware of any along the route that look like this during the summer?

    I’ll also spend an extra week after the cruise, so I was thinking of places near Anchorage that would enable me to do this. Any tours (the cheaper the better) you’d recommend for kayaking among glaciers? I’m especially hoping to see and enter ice caves/ice arches! I’d appreciate the advice.

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    Thanks a lot Anthony – sorry I missed your comment from before.

    Hi Rebecca – sounds like you have a great trip planned! You can kayak on Mendenhall Lake in Juneau, that is where this photo was taken:

    Otherwise, I would recommend taking one of the trips out of Seward into Kenai Fjords National Park. Would you be looking for a day trip, or overnight?


  6. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, my friend and I are already doing a couple of things in Juneau during the cruise stop, so we can’t do the Kayak in Mendenhall (we’ll be Dog Sledding on Mendenhall Glacier!). When we disembark in Seward, we have until Sunday to do kayaking anywhere in the state, preferably near Seward, Anchorage or Valdez.

    We would only want to kayak for the day. But we can certainly sleep in a hotel the night before the kayak trip.

    Given that it is July, would you recommend Columbia glacier or any other glaciers near Seward, or even near Valdez? My worry is Columbia is calving so we won’t be able to get close to the tall glacier’s face?

    Ideally we can kayak among glaciers and Ice Caves. But where can we see ice caves in July that’s near Kenai Peninsula area?

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    Hi Rebecca,

    You are right about Columbia – but then again, you really can’t get close to the face of any tide-water glacier as they are so unpredictable.

    The one thing with Columbia – you can paddle around some amazing icebergs! That place would be fine, as would a day trip out of Seward over to Aialik Bay.

    Ice caves are hard to predict, they can appear and disappear from year to year. I don’t know if there are any that could be safely paddled into – but you might get lucky and have one you could walk into.

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