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Pedersen Glacier, Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

Pedersen Glacier, Aialik Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

OK, at last I can announce the first of three different photo tours!  I decided that if I was going to do photo tours, they had to be something that I really enjoyed and got excited about, and I can honestly say I think this trip is going to be a blast!

Since I live at the entrance to Kenai Fjords, and spend much of my summer in the Park, a tour here is a natural.  The problem is, I didn’t want to be limited to day tours, hotels and restaurants.  I have spent many nights on boats in Kenai Fjords, and it didn’t matter if I was on a large fishing vessel, the Park Service boat, a research vessel, or in friends pleasure crafts, every trip was a memorable experience with amazing photo opportunities.  By spending the night, we can be in the fjords when the light is best, the animals most active, and with the other tour boats back in Seward- perfect!

So this is a 3 day, 2 night all inclusive boat tour limited to just 3 guests which will maximize our interaction and learning.  No point in going on and on, you can read about all the juicy details here:  Kenai Fjords National Park Photo Tour.

Stay tuned for a similar, but larger tour (4 guest / 4 days)  into Prince William Sound, along with another 4 day, 4 guest tour concentrating on coastal brown bears and puffin!

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  2. Sounds awesome Ron. I’m interested to see your other tour as well to see what you have in store. Seeing Mark Graf’s images from Alaska has me thinking of coming up to either take your tour or Carl’s.

  3. Those of you who have the time and money should jump all over this deal. I have had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Ron, both in the field and in his home. He lives photography and is both very talented and hard working at it. He has a tremendous range of knowledge from computer, digital, software, to being a serious camera gear junky. This is stunning country and the combination of a good sized boat and knowledgeable Captain and a small intimate group, along with the best possible photo guide for this area makes this an amazing opportunity. Only thing wrong with this tour is it is underpriced. Should be $2,500. per person at least.

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    Gary, Jim – thanks a lot for the support!

    Richard, that would be really fun if you could make it!

    Hi Calvin – thanks a lot for the kind words, I really appreciate all your support over the years! You are too kind.

    Janine said the same thing on the pricing. 🙂 But maybe this way I can do more trips.

  5. That’s a killer image of Pederson, Ron, and with better conditions than I saw in my brief visit. And having been there, I can say that this sounds like a killer tour. Someday…

  6. I am sure you will have no problems selling out these Ron. From your gallery on Kenai – it seems there is so much variety in subjects.

  7. Ron,

    Had our first family vacation in late August this year. Went to Anchorage, Seward-Kenai Fjords, Kenai River Trip, Gridwood, Valdez, Old Denali Hwy, Denali NP,Talkeetna, Anchorage.

    Can’t wait to go back again, but w/o family this time. I’m interested to see dates for other tours.


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  10. Great composition and tonality. I love this image and am looking to increase my DOF in my images. I’m curious if you used the 24 1.4L or 24 PC-E to capture this image? Thanks

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    Thanks Ray.

    This was captured with a 17-35 at 23mm and .5 second at f/22, ISO 100. This was before I owned a tilt/shift lens – the 24 at f/11 would have been perfect here.

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    Hi Scott,

    With a tilt / shift lens, I can tilt the plane of focus. This would allows me to keep everything in focus from the flowers in the foreground, to the mountains in the background with an f stop of f/8 or f/11.

    This has a couple of advantages. For one, this keeps you in the sweet (sharpest) range of the lenses. And, it allows me to use a faster shutter speed, and that helps minimize any movement of the flowers in the case of a breeze.

    I write a bit more about it here:

  13. Yet another spectacular photo that scarcely looks real. In my experience, the best way to see Alaska is with someone who has lived there and really knows the State. For spectacular photos like this it must be even more important.

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