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  2. Hi Ron, I am planning a watercolour workshop “Alaska Cruise” for Sept 2011 and would like to use some of your photos, off the web, to show the locations we may visit. I would be happy to give a credit line for you as the photographer if I have your permission.
    regards, Grant

  3. We will be traveling thru Friday July 1,2011 anything we should absolutely see?

  4. hi ketchikan, i would like to hear from my friends i went to school with i havent been home in 20 years, would just like reunite with old missed friendships

  5. Just finished visiting Ketchikan and found it enjoyable and beautiful but much more commercial than expected! On the cruise and Ketchikan, there was constant effort to sell expensive jewelry to the cruisers. Guess the economy is not that bad after all.

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    I see I’ve missed some comments here. Sorry Tom and Brenda, I’m too late to help. But for others, I would say a flight over to Misty Fjords would be high on the list – and / or a zip line tour – they have a big one there.

    Lisa – I hear you, that is what I don’t like about Ketchikan – the downtown is nothing but jewelry stores. Once the ships pull out, the downtown is like a ghost town. That is one reason I really like Skagway – still has that historic charm.

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