Lake Clark Lupine

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This was very early in the morning during my June Alaska bear photo tour.

Not only did this location have some of the best lupine, but it almost always had at least one bear – except of course for this morning!  🙂  It is still a pretty spot even without a bear feeding in the meadow – maybe next year we will see it all!

Details:  Canon 5D II, tripod with 24-105 lens at 40, ISO 100, f/16 and 1/6th of a second.  I believe I used a two stop graduated neutral density filter.

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  2. What a spectacular capture of the lupines and the clouds/mountains. Wow!

    Do you think you used a soft or a hard stop filter? I bought the 2 stop soft and 3 stop hard a couple of years ago based on your suggestion, but never have been able to perform the magic that you do. On this photo, where is your line? I just can’t find it! 🙂

    Your photos that come across my e-mail inspire me. Thanks for that.

    Do you ever anticipate leading a workshop to Denali?


  3. Ron – Nice capture with the first rays of sun illuminating the lupine. With the lupine as the real subject of this phot, I’d arge that a bear would be a distracting element. Frank

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    Thanks everyone!

    @Frank I think you might be right.

    @ Valerie I think it was a hard edge two stop and probably started right along the bottom edge of the clouds on the left side. If you look close, the trees on the top half of the hillside on the right are darker then the ones down lower. If done right, you should be able to see where the filter was located so that is a good thing. Thanks.

    I would love to offer a workshop in Denali. Unfortunately access is really limited and the Park doesn’t allow photo tours. Some photographer are able to get around this restriction by working with Kantishna area lodges who have some grand fathered in arrangements. I haven’t tried, but it has been my impression that getting prime dates with this lodges for a group is very difficult, and I wouldn’t want to offer it if I could offer prime dates.

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