Lake Mead

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Lake Mead, Lake Mead Recreation Area,  Nevada.

Lake Mead, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Nevada.

Sunset on Lake Mead.  This lake has sure dropped a lot over the last decade.  As you can see we have moved to Southern Nevada and are photographing the areas around Lake Mead.

This was captured on a very windy night.  To get enough depth of field to put the entire scene in focus I would have needed an aperture of around f/16 – but that would have lead to a very slow shutter speed and the flowers would have been nothing but a blur in the heavy wind.

So this is actually two exposures – One at f/4 and 1/60th of a second in which I focused just on the flowers.  This became the foreground portion of the images.  The second at f/14 and 1/5th of a second with focus further back.  This became the background. The two images were then combined in Photoshop.

Both exposures were done at ISO 400 and had the same exposure value in that they had the same level of brightness, but this way I could have the flowers fairly sharp and the background.

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  1. Great picture … and thanks for explaining how you did it! I love learning new photo techniques. I’m curious how you did such a great job masking the flowers in Photoshop in order to have the two images mesh so well.

  2. Too complicated for my point and shoot style, but what great results. Think I’ll forward this shot and explanation to my grandson-in-law in the UK who uses a tripod quite a bit and to a friend in Maine who is trying to break into photography. Your explanation should help them along!

  3. Post

    Thanks Joni – I hear the snow is melting fast!

    Thanks Cody. I did the blend with a medium sized brush at about 30%. I’m sure when I get home I’ll have to do a more careful job to avoid any out of focus ghosting that might not be evident in an image this small.

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