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Joey Logano, Las Vegas NASCAR practice.

Joey Logano, Las Vegas NASCAR practice.

It is hard to convey just how fast these cars are going – at places, over 190 mph!  For this photo I closed the aperture down as far as I could ( F/32), dropped my ISO to 100, and ended up with a shutter speed of 1/25th of a second.  I then panned with the car – this left the start finish line along with the background in a nice blur.

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    Thanks Richard,

    I should mention – this was the only one the turned out!

    Yeah, it was with the 100-400. I figured the IS would help.


  2. Cool. I asked because I tried out the 100-400 on a 50D briefly at the store and really liked that combination. Surprising how low of a shutter you can use and keep it steady w/ that lens.

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    If you can find a sharp version, it is a nice lens – a very convenient range, especially on that camera.

  4. I Love You

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    with no clue what it is
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    I love you
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    Like something moves inside me
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    I love you
    Like thanking God that we live.

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  6. Hey Ron,

    You’re OK, sometimes. 🙂

    The photo is very cool – great job on the panning. 190mph, eh? Keep working at this, and you’ll manage to grab a shot of me snowboarding someday. 🙂



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    Hey Carl – between the bobsledders and this, I think I’m finally ready to photograph you snowboarding!


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