Las Vegas Panoramic

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Las Vegas Panoramic

  We are now in Las Vegas enjoying the warm weather.  Our Mojave travels were not productive for photography.  We didn’t see any baby quail in an area we had seen dozens a year ago.  Right after our trip a year ago, the area was burned by a wildfire.  Thanks to fire damage and drought, we found very little wildlife this year.  We may have been a week too early as well.   

We are now spending a little time in Las Vegas doing some travel shooting.  Top of the list is updating my panoramic photo of the Las Vegas strip.  I scouted out numerous places a few months ago, but didn’t get anything worth keeping mainly because the light on top of the Luxor was turned off, so the photos just didn’t look right.  It turns out wildlife isn’t the only up predictable subject!  I can see the light on the Luxor from my campsite tonight, so I think I will have better success. 

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  1. Nice to see that you’re getting around. This year has been a very weird year for California so I’m sure nothing you’re used to is the way it is this year. A record low for rainfall and there has been a few super hot days early in the year.

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