Las Vegas Panoramic

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Las Vegas Panoramic

We have a number of panoramics on our page of Las Vegas photos.  Over the years customers have used them in some creative ways, including down the side of tour buses, and on 50 foot long wall paper running down the hallways in the new marketing offices of the Planet Hollywood casino (was the Aladin).  But a recent customer just came up with a unique way to use one on his website – not to mention, he has an interesting business, I thought it was worth sharing.

Offical Las Vegas Lights has used one of our panoramics as a moving banner at the top of their website.  Give it a second to draw, I think it is looks pretty neat.  They have a great business idea – they are going to sell lights from the actual welcome to Las Vegas sign.  They change them out everyday, so you can buy one of the lights from the sign for a particular day.  I bet this will be popular with people who have a big event in Vegas such as a wedding.  Heck, I would probably buy one if I won the WSOP main event!  Since you have to play to win, that probably won’t happen 

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