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City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last winter when we were here in Las Vegas, a newspaper article reported that a good portion of the multi-billion dollar City Center project would be open by this October.  Well, it is far from open.  It is tough to photograph such a project and keep cranes, dump trucks and all the other commotion out of the scene – a telephoto lens comes in handy.

I actually picked up a few days of photography assignment work while we are here in Las Vegas (not for City Center).  As a travel photographer, it is always nice to pick up some assignment work while on the road!

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    So that LV doesn’t stand for Las Vegas? 🙂

    This is going to be a giant store right on the Strip – there were huge angled windows under these angled roof / walls, but it was full of building supplies etc. – still under construction.

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