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Las Vegas Strip Photos

Photo of the Las Vegas Strip at night. 

I shoot an equal mix of wildlife, landscapes, recreation / sports and travel images, and enjoy the variety.  Today I thought I would finally share a travel photo.

I had envisioned this photo for some time, so last March while passing through Las Vegas, Nevada we stopped and took the time to set it up. I rented a convertible, and used bungee cords to rig my camera and tripod along with a remote release so that the camera stood up out of the back of the car.  To top it off, I knew an image of a place like Las Vegas wouldn’t sell if the people were wearing jackets, it needed to look like it is warm.  So that is me driving in a short sleeve shirt, in a convertible with the top open despite the 50 degree temperatures, with a tripod and camera sticking up out the back – needless to say, we got a lot of strange looks!

It took a lot of experimenting with different shutter speeds, driving speeds etc., but I think it worked – it at least matched my vision.  Here are some more of our Las Vegas photos.  This photo, or one very similar was featured in a mailing by one of our agencies, Mira.

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