Las Vegas Time-lapse Video

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Take a 12 minute trip down the Las Vegas Strip in 12 seconds, and then enjoy the Downtown laser light show!  I’m surprised it only took 12 minutes to drive the length of the strip, that is because it was a cold, winter mid-week evening.  By the way, if you have the bandwidth or patience, you can watch it in 1080 HD.

This is my first attempt at putting together a time-lapse video.   I actually captured the stills for the strip footage 4 years ago on the same night as this Las Vegas Strip photo.   You might notice that the demolished Stardust is still standing and open, and City Center doesn’t yet exist. The downtown laser show was from last fall.

Four years ago – I had a big head start on the recently popularity for time-lapse – unfortunately these files have just been sitting on my computer.  I shot a fair amount of Alaska time-lapse footage last summer, and hope to do something with it soon as well.  It has been a bit of a steep learning curve – the long list of words like codec, MPEG4, H.264 are like a whole new language to me.   I  have to thank Phil Colla for getting me headed in the right direction.

For those who are interested in how I captured the images of the strip, you might enjoy this blog post:  Las Vegas Strip

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  1. I love it !! Can’t wait for the Alaska attempts. Knowing you they will be superb!.

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