Las Vegas Welcome Sign

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Las Vegas Welcome Sign

A number of years ago I took a photo of this Las Vegas Welcome sign while zooming my lens.  I probably wasn’t the first to do that, and I’m sure I won’t be the last, but it ended up being a fairly popular photo.  This trip I wanted to do something different with the sign.

So I decided it might be kind of neat to rotate or spin the camera while taking the picture of the Las Vegas sign.  I tried a bunch of different shutter speeds, but I wasn’t wild with the results.  So then I tried a combination of zoom and spin, that is what you see here.  Usually when I try do something different it doesn’t work – I’m constantly being reminded that unique doesn’t equal good, so my experiments usually end up in the delete bin.  This time I think the results were kinda cool – I think I will keep this one. 

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  1. That’s cool Ron. I think it works because there’s no clutter going on behind the sign, which is difficult to do. Did you have to stand far back on that island to get the level perspective? The one time I went there it seemed chaotic with power lines everywhere.

  2. Post

    Gary – yeah, this looks a lot better after 3 or 4 free cocktails!

    Richard, I did stand back a bit and used a 100-400 starting at 400. There are a bunch of visual distractions like power poles and lines etc. Fortunately they don’t show in this type photo.


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