Life on the Road!

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Life on the Road 

Being an outdoor and travel photographer seems like a glamorous lifestyle.  Well, it is a wonderful lifestyle, but not always glamorous.  This photo was inadvertently placed on our searchable on-line database where A fellow photographer at one of our stock agencies saw it and had a good laugh – he totally could relate. 

Now that the industry has gone completely digital, Janine is able to join be as much as she would like – this has been the biggest benefits to me of the digital age.  We travel with a couple of external hard drives and a laptop computer – this gives us access to our entire photo library, even images not on our website. 

More and more, we are finding campgrounds with wireless internet – this really makes it easy to do business from the road.  Otherwise we track down an internet cafe. 

I grabbed this shot of Janine responding to requests and downloading images for a customer while we were camping somewhere in Arizona.  This may not be the nicest office in the world – but when you are moving between and camping in different U.S. National Parks – I bet this office has the best view anywhere in the world!

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