Long Beach California Photos

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Long Beach, California.

Long Beach, California.

Here is another brand new section to our website:  Long Beach California photos.

I gotta admit, Long Beach was a pleasant surprise.  It had been many many years since I had last visited Long Beach.  I remembered it as a somewhat dirty industrial port.  Either my memory was off, or they have made some wonderful changes to the area – probably a bit of both.  We only spent one evening there, I had hoped to return for more, but that will have to wait for a future trip.

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  1. All of these in ONE evening? You were productive, Ron! You neglected to get any photos of me and my house though… 🙂

    The LBC has had major improvements over the last decade+, all for the better.

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    Thanks Michael!

    Yeah this was one very long evening after we returned from Catalina Island. Next time I will get your house!


  3. I’m from Long Beach,California and i’ve seen the pictures many times and i’m coming to see california in September and I think California is a beautiful state to site see.

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